The Technical Bit!!

We are the UK Team of an International Organisation, and our main platform is the Internet, where we have a Web page, a forum, a My Space , Face book, Twitter and You Tube profiles. We operate on this level by posting articles from the media, inviting comment and discussion on them, and interacting with our membership over their own concerns with regard to the issues raised. We also provide a safe and confidential place for both victims and survivors of abuse to come to ask for support and advice.

We also operate a separate information and education profile within My Space and Face book, Stop! Online Exploitation of Children and Teenagers , and our main aim within this platform is to keep an open flow of information concerning changes within service providers with regard to Internet safety and policing and to offer information on reporting procedures with regards to both online predation, online exploitation of all kinds, and the discovery of child pornography sites. We as far as possible keep up with all changes within reporting procedure, internet safety issues, and changes within the education system so as to be able to give up to date information when needed.

Our other chosen medium is live music. We contact venues all over the UK who will provide their facilities to us, and bands and musicians within all genres who waive payment in support of our cause. All of our concerts combine live performances with the strong message that any form of exploitation of children is NOT acceptable. We attend every concert ourselves and use these evenings to work an information stall where we hand out flyers to all who attend, answer any questions they may have about us, what we do, internet safety and online exploitation, or even the whole subject of child pornography and abuse.
And the Lighter side of our work :)!!!

The subject matter we deal with on a daily basis is hard, upsetting, emotionally draining...and absolutely imperative! We are all volunteers bringing different skills to this work...and while we are a registered non profit organisation we fund everything ourselves...and gladly so...therefore we have to come up with creative ways of raising funds for our work :)!!

So pooling ideas, creative skills...and a sense of fun...we created The L'arpies :)...our official mascots! Every one of them is made and finished by hand and is unique...they come with their own number and certificate...and we really DON'T like parting with them....but of course we will!!

If you would like to own one of our Little 'Appy Rock People...and show your support for our work ...we would love to make one especially for you!